School Management Systems

School Management System is a comprehensive Web Based robust application with all the standard processes of school are embedded in a single application. This system is computerized replacement of standard school processes from registering a student to leaving certificate. This system eases the lengthy manual processes through computerized modules. Powerful reports for every module makes the system a one powerful application for the schools. With comprehensive user management the system can securely run over the LAN.

The system works around the following parametric dimensions:

  • Interview

    For registration the principal can assign his time and create slots for interview with the parent.

  • Registration

    Every School needs a registration process to register new students in their school. We have a comprehensive Registration Module which covers all registration processes.

  • Admission

    No School Management System is complete without admission of the students. The students which have been selected for the admission after registration will be admitted through admission module. This module also incorporates the admission fees, annual fees and any other charges which are taken at the time of admission.

  • Administration

    Administrator has the most important role in the system who is responsible to add system features as processes and modules. Right now the Administrator performs following tasks.

    • Admit new student
    • Attendance tracking
    • Define policies
    • Define Fee Structures
    • Make various fees templates on request
    • Assign Miscellaneous Charges to all or limited students based on any criterion
    • Promote Students
    • Assign Roll Numbers
  • Fees Accounts

    Fees handling and all related financial segments are handled by Accounts Department through our user friendly automated system.

    • Fees handling
    • Cash reports
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Defaulter list
    • Receivables
    • Auto arrear handling
    • Multiple free templates - less headache
    • Late Fees Calculations
    • Scholarships
    • Donations
    • MIS Reports
  • Attendance

    Student attendance is one of the essential module in the system. Daily student attendance can be entered in the system for tracking their attendance. Student attendance can also be integrated with SMS module.

  • Promotions

    After examination all the students will be promoted to next class. It is again small but essential module.

  • Time Table

    Weekly time table is generated which is workable for the whole year. It helps in accommodating staff in different classes. Also it shows the resource allocation.

  • Examination

    Exams Type can be entered in the system. With respect to subjects all the examination results are entered in the system. Result sheets are also generated. Graphical reports of student exams are generated from the system. These help in analyzing student’s performance.

    • Define Exam types
    • Define Teacher Subject
    • Define Class Subject
    • Student Marks Entry Form
  • Library

    Library is an essential part of the school system. With our Library Management System records of issuance of books to student and to staff is available.

    • Barcode Accession No
    • Barcode Issuance of Books
    • Teacher/Staff Issue
    • Group Teacher Issue
    • Book Request Log.
    • Book Damage/Lost Record
    • Fine Handling
    • Reports
  • Security Administration

    Security management is the heart of every system which needs secure data keeping. Our robust security features allow the Administrator to give and restrict access to the users according to his/her job specification. The main features are:

    • Assign user
    • Define roles
    • Assign User Rights
    • User Log Maintenance
  • Functional Processes

    Software is nothing but a set of processes which an institution manages. Software is a systematic form of process management in which there are fewer chances of mistakes. All institutions perform tasks and software performs those tasks error free. No matter when your personnel resign, a set of instructions are automated in this software that lets the person leave without altering the system.
    Various important processes that this software handles are as under:

    • Register a student
    • Appointment Management for Principal - admission process
    • Assign GR Number
    • Room Allocation
    • Fee Template Generator
    • Fee Challans Generator
    • Scholarships, Advances, Miscellaneous Charges
    • Promotion
    • Student History Management
    • School Leaving
    • Attendance Handling
  • Reports

    Of the many other reports that are also available, the system generates the following main reports that are frequently used:

    • New Registration Report
    • New Admission Report
    • Receivable Report
    • Room Allocation
    • Student Ledger Report
    • Daily Collection Report
    • Scholarship Report
    • Advances Report
    • Student History Report

    All Modules have their corresponding reports


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